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Fastener Options for Sunguard™ RV Shade Products

With our variety of fasteners, you can choose the one you like best. You'll get simple instructions to follow.
They're all good choices - and are the finest in the industry!

Stainless Steel Snaps
Our snaps are made of genuine STAINLESS STEEL, and are
not simply chrome plated like ordinary shades are, so they
won't rust or corrode!
They're almost invisible. Our most popular
and barely visible "Snaps" provide "snap-on" convenience. Simply screw
them into place with a phillips screwdriver. Only their small shiny heads remain visible.

Twist Locks
Twist 'em - and forget 'em.
Twist-Locks mount to your rig with
stainless steel screws. Their quartet-twist locking heads hold
Sunguards Windshield Covers firmly into place.

For customers who don't want to drill into their coach, we can
outfit Sunguards with
2-inch square adhesive Velcro type patches.
They stick firmly into place and have the advantage of being removable
at any time without a trace by saturating them witha WD-40 type spray.

for amazing leverage!


"...Sunguard™ America's best fitting -
and EASIEST Windshield Cover to install!"

by J. Scott Davis
I am really excited about our newest enhancement - our FingerLoop™! Some other brands of windshield covers are made of fiberglass. (Unfortunately, fiberglass tends to become brittle with time, and can deteriorate.) Equally important, fiberglass covers don't stretch like a true Sunguard™. The good news is that Sunguards™ are polyester based - more UV stable than fiberglass! The great news is that Sunguards stretch - providing a more wrinkle-free fit! The best news is that now, thanks to our new FingerLoop™ pull-tab, anyone can stretch a Sunguard™ tight enough to get that professional "glove-like" fit!

Why Sunguard™ RV Winshield Covers Are So Important

Why Sunguard™ is the Superior Choice Over Ordinary Brands
Looking Through Sunguard™ Windshield Covers

Fabric Selection Guide
Color Selection Guide
Fastener Options
Photo Gallery
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