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Why RV Windshield Covers Are So Important

We all know what it's like working hard and dreaming about a vacation. Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all! Words alone cannot describe the refreshing and rejuvenating sensation of relaxing in your coach, a cool drink in your hand, and enjoying the scenic beauty just outside your rig. There is, however, one thing missing you can add immediately to vastly improve your world on wheels. Add a Sunguard RV windshield cover to your rig!

Sunguard™ - America's first choice in quality RV Windshield Covers!
A Sunguard cover will block up to 94% of the sun's heat, light and damaging UV rays that enter your motorhome. They protect your dash, front seats, interior walls, counters, upholstry, and curtains. They dramatically lower the temperature inside your motor home by as much as 40 degrees. They eliminate glare on your TV screen and allow you to view the movie, not the sun's reflection! At the same time, during the day, you will see out, but neighbors won't see in!

Elegant, Upscale, and Custom Made!
Discriminating motor home owners know that products with the Sunguard name do not compromise on supreme quality and custom fit. Each Sunguard windshield cover is specifically tailored for your each individual year, make and model RV. The fit is "glove-like", wrinkle-free, and snug!

Nearly 30 years of practice makes perfect.
In the early days, I spent months perfecting each new design by hand. Now our technicians have systematic cutting edge procedures that ensure unsurpassed quality and fit like no other RV windshield cover brand on the market. We guarantee it.

Over 100,000 satisfied customers agree.
There's a reason why Sunguard™ is America's first choice in quality windshield covers and just like so many of our loyal customers, when it's time to trade in your rig for a new one, you'll upgrade it immediately with Sunguard, one of the finest RV windshield covers made!

Our promise to you.
Once you experience the difference in your recreational vehicle with Sunguard RV windshield covers, you'll never go camping without them again. Quality, selection and our extraordinary 12 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY is only part of it!

Risk free - no wonder they're on finer coaches everywhere!
Order a Sunguard RV windshield cover. You won't be disappointed, We assure you, if you're not delighted in every way, simply return it for a fast and hassle-free refund. Next time you're in nearly any RV park in America, notice how many finer RV's are equipped with Sunguard brand windshield covers. They are literally everywhere! Simply ask the folks who own one of our covers and you'll find most are anxious to invite you into their coach to experience how amazing they really are!

J. Scott Davis
CEO Sunguard Shade Products

Why Sunguard™ RV Winshield Covers Are So Important

Why Sunguard™ is the Superior Choice Over Ordinary Brands
Looking Through Sunguard™ Windshield Covers

Fabric Selection Guide
Color Selection Guide
Fastener Options
Photo Gallery
Simple and Easy Tutorial
Customer Satifaction Guarantee
RV Windshield Cover Cleaner




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